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Rachel Cushman

Scuba Queen USA 2019

Rachel Cushman is 28, from Long Beach, California. She studied Marine Biology at California State University, Long Beach and has been diving for over 16 years. She is a NAUI instructor and works as an assistant dive safety officer at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Rachel is also a model, and a brand ambassador for various companies such as #OceanerWetsuits and @SlipinsSurfskins. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, snow skiing and training her dog, Pixie! 

Follow Rachel's journey on Instagram:

@CruisewithCush and @ScubaQueenUSA

Previous Titleholders

Britt Daniels

Scuba Queen USA- 2018

Finalist at Miss International SCUBA

Brittany Novick

Scuba Queen USA- 2017

WINNER of Miss International SCUBA 2017

Marina Inserra

Scuba Queen USA- 2016

Top Five Talent Winner 

Tessa Ptacek

Scuba Queen USA- 2015

2nd Runner Up to Miss International SCUBA

Tabitha Lipkin

Scuba Queen USA- 2014

WINNER of Miss International SCUBA 2015

Chanel Hason

Scuba Queen USA- 2013

2nd Runner Up to Miss International Scuba

Ashlee Smith

Scuba Queen USA- 2012

2nd Runner Up to Miss International Scuba

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